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Polaroid camera flat lays - Updates


Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic day because I am. ^-^
So I actually just got a Polaroid camera! I'm super happy about it because I've been wanting one for the longest time and I finally saved up enough money to purchase one! I'm actually at the moment stuck without any film, so I've been taking pictures of it instead of taking pictures with it. xD So because can't really use it, I've been experimenting with "Flat lays" as they call them, and I was wondering what ya'll think of these "flat lays" that I've made! If you're wondering what a flat lay is it's a really popular way to display objects, and is most popular for blogging and instagram. So I am hoping to do them more frequently and I was just wanting your opinion on which photo is your favorite out of the three. If you guys would like a bts for how I take these photos just let me know. ;)
Also, I apologize for the image quality. I actually took these photos on my iPod so that's why they aren't the best quality. >.< I just didn't have enough time to take ones with my real camera because I'm actually getting ready to go to a summer camp for the week! I leave today actually so it should be pretty fun. ^-^ I should be back by Saturday so unfortunately you won't be seeing a post from me on Friday. So make sure to leave your opinion on these flat lay photos in the comments below! All feedback is welcome. See y'all next week and Happy Tuesday!

xx, Leah

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  1. I think these flat lays are awesome! Great job on them, they look amazing!:) Congratulations on the Polaroid camera! It's adorable!;)